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USS ESSEX LHD-2 Memorial Plaque Dedication and Reunion Festivities

The USS Essex LHD-2 "The Iron Gator" plaque dedication on the Commemorative Wall at the U.S. Navy Memorial in Washington, DC was a successful and memorable event. A very special thanks to all of those in attendance. We had a fun-filled bus ride watching the USS Essex LHD-2 "The Legend Continues" video with laughter and "back seat" commentary passing the time. The group gathered in the auditorium at the Naval Heritage Center on Pennsylvania Avenue to hear a couple of speeches before seeing the plaque enshrined on the Commemorative Wall. Our next stop was off to see and honor several of the historical memorials and monuments in Washington, DC.

Below is a video of the dedication of the USS Essex LHD-2 "The Iron Gator" Memorial Plaque.



I urge each one of us USS Essex shipmates to donate to this memorial plaque project. This was an outstanding way for us to be recognized for serving our great country aboard the USS Essex. Please respond using the form linked here so that we might complete the funding of this project. We've also provided a quick, safe and easy online option for making your tax deductible contribution, for any amount you're comfortable with, using PayPal (no need to be a member of PayPal to make a donation).



As an added incentive, we're offering you a choice of one USS Essex Commemorative 2-sided Coin (specify either Iron Gator or Plankowner) with a donation of $25. Just select which coin you'd like from the convenient drop-down menu. All proceeds from this sale will go directly towards the USS Essex Memorial Plaque Project.

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If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us

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